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Why it is Important to Celebrate the 13th Amendment

“The thirteenth amendment is a step on the journey to ending enslavement... The amendment didn’t change men’s hearts, and it didn’t change one man’s ability to enslave another man (or woman). But it helped to change our society... That is exactly what we are trying to do as we address modern slavery and human trafficking.”


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End Slavery Now is a project of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. Your financial support enables us to continue to educate, inspire and equip people to help end slavery now.

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Run for freedom

The Aruna Project is working to end commercial sexual exploitation by bringing freedom and restoration to the many women and children sold into the trade. Help bring hope by hosting or participating in an Aruna 5k race in your area.

Issara Institute

Our mission is to advance freedom, choices and opportunities to those who need it most, from disenfranchised factory workers to stranded, abused fishermen to migrant and minority children.