End Slavery Now believes we all have a role in ending slavery. We try to illustrate the many different ways normal, everyday individuals can get involved in the fight. From volunteer opportunities to resource sharing to curating all of the different opportunities to take action, our tools are designed to assist you when you ask: 

What can I do?

 End Slavery Now partners with antislavery organizations in the United States and across the globe to identify answers to that question. Then, End Slavery Now shares these possibilities with the general public. The opportunities for the public to take action are always specific and measurable. Because we partner with organizations working on the ground, our initiatives impact hotspots throughout the world.

Our goal at End Slavery Now is for the public to learn about the issue, connect with organizations, and take action to end slavery. Through this, we are building a community of activists that can come alongside the lawyers, law enforcement and service providers to not just address the victims and consequences of slavery, but to truly end the practice.


End Slavery Now launched in 2009 by Lauren Taylor in Washington, DC with four features: an action database, an organization directory, learning resources and store. By 2013, the organization outgrew its Washington, DC office, and its leaders knew it was time to find a larger home. That fall, the organization moved to Cincinnati, Ohio - the former gatekeeper to the Underground Railroad - and joined the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. Today, End Slavery Now is owned and operated by the Freedom Center as a part of its contemporary antislavery program. End Slavery now still operates three of the original tools (the Action Library, the Antislavery Directory and learning resources) and features many more.