The craft beer phenomenon has led to an explosion of local breweries. There have been many positive effects of this trend - job creation, the revitalization of local neighborhoods, and more local restaurants. More people are interested in supporting local businesses, especially if they can have fun doing it! However, many of the ingredients used to make beer, such as hops and barley, are ordered from catalogs. They are often produced using enslaved labor.

Things are starting to change. Along with restaurants, many breweries are seeking out locally sourced ingredients. Dock Street in Philadelphia is one such company, but Cincinnati - home of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center - has several. When you plan your trip here, enjoy one of our many local breweries! Rhinegeist's Saison Blue uses locally sourced wheat, and Fifty West, linked above, uses local hops, wheat, and barley in many of their selections.

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Forms of Abolition:

Forms of Slavery:
Forced Labor, Child Labor, Bonded Labor