Children Are Rarely Abducted By Strangers

In a 2010 article, historian Paula Fass discusses the tragedies, facts, and falsehoods surrounding child abduction. She walks the reader through high profile events ranging from the Lindbergh baby kidnapping to the abduction of Elizabeth Smart. Along the way, Fass points out that while most people fear that the children in their lives will be kidnapped by a stranger, such events are relatively rare. Stranger kidnappings tend to grab the headlines - and tap into social fears about "outsiders" - but a child is far more likely to be abducted by a non-custodial parent during divorce or separation proceedings. 

While it is important to teach the young people in our lives about "stranger danger," it is equally important to make sure we are armed with the facts. Raising awareness about what is true and what is false if we want to effectively fight the evil of child trafficking. Click the button above to read Fass' full article. 

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