This fun holiday is celebrated by many people around the world. Most likely it's because when we think of pirates we think of adventure on the high seas, sandy beaches, and the spirit of freedom. Or maybe it's the rum. 

Unfortunately many of those who manufacture sugar, rum's key ingredient, are not free. According to a 2017 report issued by KnowTheChain, the sugar cane industry is plagued with forced labor. Vulnerable groups such as Latin American indigenous populations or migrant workers in India toil on isolated farms enduring hazardous conditions, long hours, and a lack of labor protection. 

FAIR, an independent spirits brand, sources their products ethically and sustainably. Their rum uses Fair Trade Certified sugar cane from Belize. The farmers who grow and harvest it are members of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA).

For more information on organizations empowering those currently enduring forced labor, visit our Antislavery Directory. If you want to learn how to talk like a pirate yourself, click here.

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