Most of the chocolate we consume starts with child labor.

Located on the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa, Ivory Coast produces approximately two-fifths of the world's cocoa. Child labor is endemic on the Ivorian plantations that produce this crop, a key ingredient in the chocolate we eat. In 2001 major chocolate companies including Mars, Nestlé, and Hershey signed an agreement pledging to eradicate the "worst forms of child labor" from their suppliers. 20 years later, this promise remains unfulfilled.

The June 2019 Washington Post article linked above goes into detail about the conditions on these factory farms. It introduces you to the children who are enslaved on them. It walks you through the series of broken promises on the part of major corporations like Mars, Nestlé, and Hershey. It also introduces you to companies like Utz and Rainforest Alliance.

Click the button above to read the article and learn more about where our chocolate comes from. 

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