Bring Awareness to Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking in the Month of October

According to Reducing the Risk of Domestic Abuse, a UK-based nonprofit, forced marriage is a form of domestic violence. In a forced marriage a person - usually a girl or woman - is pressured into marrying someone against their will. They are often threatened with physical violence or blackmail. Forced marriage is not the same as arranged marriage, where both spouses have the option of accepting or rejecting the arrangement. Forced marriages typically center on controlling unwanted behavior and female sexuality. This often leads to elevated levels of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse within these kinds of marriages.

To learn more about forced marriage and domestic violence, click the button above. Click here to learn more about the intersections between human trafficking and domestic violence more generally. If you or a loved one is currently enduring domestic violence, call 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE).

Forms of Abolition:
Awareness, Empowerment

Forms of Slavery:
Forced Marriage