Across the globe, many countries are asking their citizens to stay home in an effort to fight the growing COVID-19 pandemic. But staying home does not mean you still cannot socialize with the people in your life-- just do it digitally! This year, Netflix launched Netflix Party, an easy way to watch shows, films and documentaries with others while practicing social distancing. For a step by step guide on how to access Netflix Party, click here.

Looking for options to watch on Netflix Party? To learn more about issues related to modern day enslavement, we at End Slavery Now recommend these films: 

I Am Jane Doe


Beasts of No Nation

Don't have Netflix? That's ok, you can plan a virtual watch party regardless! Simply pick your chosen show, film or documentary and use one of the many available and free video chat services like FaceTime, Facebook Video Chat, Skype or Zoom

Forms of Abolition:

Forms of Slavery:
Sex Trafficking, Child Labor