Human trafficking is in films as a singular, unquestionably wicked act easily identified but far from the cities and neighborhoods of Ohio. But this modern-day slavery is much more subtle and much closer. Ohio ranks fourth in the nation in human trafficking cases, with over 300 cases reported. A new addition to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center’s Invisible: Slavery Today gallery will help guests understand what human trafficking looks like in Ohio and provide resources to become involved in stopping it as modern-day abolitionists.

“Human trafficking is a nefarious and dangerously misunderstood, underreported crime against humanity,” said Woodrow Keown, Jr., president and COO of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. “Education is a powerful weapon in this fight against modern-day slavery, for both victims and abolitionists. We hope our ‘Shine a Light’ experience will engage guests to learn more about human trafficking so they can be vigilant, identify cases when they see it and act to save lives and liberate survivors.”

Forms of Abolition:
Awareness, Empowerment

Forms of Slavery:
Sex Trafficking, Forced Labor