Buy Slave Free

Slave labor is in the supply chains of the items we purchase. In order to end slavery right now, we must start prioritizing where we spend our money. Shop with businesses that are transparent, examine their supply chains and buy fair trade or locally-sourced products.

Ways to Buy Slave-Free Products:

1. Download our Slave-Free Shopping Guide

We've reviewed dozens of companies and certification processes, so that we better understand which brands and product lines are slave-free. Download our free guide to learn which coffee, chocolate, home goods and other brands are okay to purchase.

2. Check out your Slavery Footprint

It's intimidating, but checking out which products you use are connected to slave labor is eye-opening!

3. Buy Fair Trade

Products labeled "fair trade" are produced in an ethical manner, which include fair labor conditions, fair prices, community development and environmental sustainability. See our list of featured fair trade products and companies here

4. Reuse and Recycle

Our consumerism drives a lot of the economic motivation behind slavery. We want cheap goods, so businesses secure free, slave labor to cut labor costs. Unless we begin shopping differently, nothing will ever change. Make a positive impact and be part of the change by shifting your consumer habits.

5. Support Companies with Transparent Supply Chains

Big businesses are afraid of exploring their supply chains for fear that they'll discover something that will get picked up in the media. Begin following companies that are taking the plunge and moving towards slavery-free operations. Check out the Global Business Coalition Against Human Trafficking to see some of these innovative businesses.

6. Write a Letter to a Company

Make your voice heard; send a letter to the companies that make your favorite brands, and ask them to take action to end slavery. 

7. Buy Survivor Made Goods

Empowerment is the final stage of restoration for human trafficking survivors. Survivor-made goods like those featured on our Slave Free Companies support survivor employment, create a market for their goods and encourage real and lasting freedom.