Job Opportunities

New Openings

( * ) Newly added as of January 5th, 2017

Listed below are job openings in non-profit organizations and for-profit (FP) companies that are fighting human trafficking.

10 Thousand Windows
Sorry, no job openings at this time.

*Retail Store Key Holder (Dallas, TX)
Procurement and Inventory Assistant (Uganda)
Country Director (Uganda)

Alter Eco (FP)
*Brand Ambassador (San Francisco, CA) 

American Jewish World Service
*Country Consultant (Representante Para La Republica Dominicana) (Dominican Republic)
*Director Of Government Affairs (Washington, D.C.)
*Director, Development, Chicago and the Midwest (Chicago, IL)
*Human Resources Generalist (New York, NY)
*Program Officer, Civil and Political Rights (Asia) (New York, NY)
Institutional Giving, Associate Director (New York, NY)
Program Officer, Strategic Learning, Research and Evaluation (New York, NY)
Senior Program Officer, Natural Resource Rights (New York, NY)

Anti-Slavery International
Sorry, no current job openings at this time (Anti-Slavery International). 

Apne Aap
Sorry, no job openings at this time (Apne Aap).

*Resource Assistant (Bel Air, MD)
*Assistant Teacher- Type I (Bel Air, MD)
*Special Education Teacher (Bel Air, MD)
*Shift Supervisor- Residential (Conroe, TX)
*Treatment Specialist- Residential Programs (Baltimore, MD)
*Clinical Supervisor (Dallas, TX)
*Licensed Social Worker- Treatment Foster Care Case Worker (Baltimore, MD)
*Program Director- Foster Care (Dallas, TX)
*Teacher- Type III (Baltimore, MD)
*Maintenance- Facility Team Member (Baltimore, MD)
*Shift Supervisor- Residential (Baltimore, MD)
*Teacher- Math (Townson, MD)
*Ambassador Family Specialist- Case Worker (Dallas, TX)
*Teacher- Science (Bel Air, MD)

Ascent 121
Master's Level Therapist (Indianapolis, IN)

AusCam Freedom Project
SHE Project Facilitator (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Beyond Borders
Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Director (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)
Direktè Planifisyon Suivi ak Evalyasyon- Haitian Creole Version (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)

Bead For Life
Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist (Boulder, CO; Uganda; Various Locations)
Community Partner Coordinator (Boulder, CO)
Philanthropy Associate (Boulder, CO)

Brilliant Earth (FP)
*Customer Experience Receptionist (San Francisco, CA)
*Fraud Investigation Specialist (San Francisco, CA)
Customer Experience/Sales Associate (San Francisco, CA)
Sales Manager (San Francisco, CA)
A/R and A/P Associate (San Francisco, CA)
Digital Designer (San Francisco, CA)
Merchandising Manager (San Francisco, CA)
Online Marketing Associate (San Francisco, CA)
Retoucher (San Francisco, CA)
Procurement Manager (San Francisco, CA)

Catholic Relief Services
*Multiple Jobs (U.S. Based & International)

Chab Dai
*Trainer- Ethnic Community Prevention Project (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)
*Counselor- Case Support Project (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Challenging Heights
PR and Media Officer (Winneba, Ghana) 

Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST)
Case Manager (Los Angeles, CA)
Staff Attorney (Los Angeles, CA)
Foreign National Staff Attorney (Los Angeles, CA)
Internships (Los Angeles, CA)

Covenant House
*Multiple Jobs (Multiple Locations)

Coyuchi (FP)
*Associate Community Manager (San Francisco, CA)
*ABC Home Sales Associate (New York, NY) 
Natural Home Advisor (San Francisco, CA)
Finance Manager (San Francisco, CA)
Inventory Coordinator (San Francisco, CA)  
Junior Graphic Designer (San Francisco, CA)

Sorry, no job openings at this time.
Internships (New York, NY)

ECPAT International
*Head of Communications (Bangkok, Thailand)

Everlane (FP)
*Retail Team Member (New York, NY)
*Retail Team Member (San Francisco, CA)
*Creative Project Manager (San Francisco, CA)
*Production Associate (San Francisco, CA)
*Office Manager (San Francisco, CA)
Showroom Associate (New York, NY)
Customer Acquisition (San Francisco, CA)
Data Analyst- Growth (San Francisco, CA)
Assistant Creative Producer (San Francisco, CA)
Name Your Job (San Francisco, CA)
Senior Backend Engineer (San Francisco, CA)

*Residential Staff (Redding, CA)
*Residential Staff (Los Angeles, CA)

Fair Girls
Sorry, no job openings at this time (Fair Girls).

FairPhone (FP)

Fair Food Standards Council
Human Rights Investigator (Sarasota, FL)
Human Rights Attorney (Sarasota, FL)
Financial Investigator (Sarasota, FL)

Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking
Sorry, no job openings at this time (FAAST).

Fair Trade USA (FP)
Content Manager (Oakland, CA)

Free the Slaves
Asia Regional Director (Bangkok, Thailand)

Freedom Firm
Advocate (India)
Operative (India)
Investigator (India)

Freedom Fund
Sorry, no job openings at this time (Freedom Fund).

Freedom House

Freeset (FP)
Tees Production Manager (Kolkata, India)
Maintenance Manager (Kolkata, India)
Handy man/Carpenter/Joiner (Kolkata, India)
Communications Manager (Kolkata, India)
Graphic Designer (Kolkata, India)
Product Designer (Kolkata, India)
Maintenance Technician (Kolkata, India)
Web Developer (Kolkata, India)

Food for the Hungry

Clinical Manager (New York, NY)
Residential Director (New York, NY)
HR Manager (New York, NY)

Global Centurion Foundation
Internships (Arlington, VA)

Global Workers Justice Alliance
Internships (Brooklyn, NY)


Senior Counsellor for NWP (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)
Librarian (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Hope for Justice
Internships (UK, Cambodia)

Human Rights Watch
*Assistant (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)
*Advocacy Director (Washington, D.C.)
China Researcher (Hong Kong, China)
Researcher (Mexico City, Mexico; New York, NY; Washington, D.C.)
Researcher (Dhaka, Bangladesh; Other Locations)
Researcher (Rangoon, Burma; Other Locations)
Executive Director (Johannesburg, South Africa; Nairobi, Kenya)

Institute for Policy Studies (Break the Chain Campaign)
Development Associate II (Washington, D.C.)

Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center 
Program Manager (Cincinnati, OH) 

International Cocoa Initiative 
Sorry, no job openings at this time International Cocoa Initiative

International Justice Mission
*Multiple Positions (Multiple Locations) 

International Rescue Committee
*Country Director (Liberia)
Grants Coordinator (Afghanistan)

Justice Ventures International
Sorry, no job openings at this time (Justice Ventures International)

Krochet Kids Intl. (FP)
Creative Director (Costa Mesa, CA)

Database Administrator (Charlotte, NC)
Survivor Care Social Worker (New Haven, Connecticut)

Lighthouse Youth Services
*Therapist (Cincinnati, OH)
*Youth Worker (Part-Time) (Cincinnati, OH)
Case Manager- PRN (Cincinnati, OH)

My Sister's House
Sorry, no current openings at this time (My Sister's House)

*Case Manager 2 (Alexandria, VA)
Call Center Specialist (Alexandria, VA)
Outreach Manager (Alexandria, VA)
Photo Imaging Specialist (Alexandria, VA)
Procurement Specialist (Alexandria, VA)
Software Architect (Alexandria, VA)
Software Engineer (Java) (Alexandria, VA)

Nationalities Service Center
*Resettlement Case Manager (Philadelphia, PA)

Nena & Co. (FP)
Internships (American Fork, UT)  

New Tactics in Human Rights
Sorry, no job openings at this time (New Tactics).


Pacific Survivor Center
Sorry, no job openings at this time (Pacific Survivor).

Sorry, no job openings at this time (PASVA).

Patagonia (FP)
*Multiple Opportunities (Multiple Locations)

People Tree (FP)
*E-Commerce Manager (London, UK)

Piece & Co. (FP)

Polaris Project
Data Quality and Reports Manager (Washington, D.C.)

prAna (FP)
*Technical Designer (Carlsbad, California)
*Production Coordinator (Carlsbad, California)
*Keyholder (Edina, Minnesota)
*Keyholder (Manhattan Beach, California)
Apparel Designer- Men’s (Carlsbad, California)
Digital Content Coordinator (Carlsbad, California)
Technical Design Manager (Carlsbad, California)
Quality Assurance Associate (Carlsbad, California)
Quality Assurance Coordinator (Carlsbad, California)
Quality Assurance Specialist (Carlsbad, California)
Assistant Store Manager (Portland, Oregon)
Keyholder (Boulder, Colorado)
Keyholder (Palo Alto, California)
Keyholder (San Francisco, CA)
Part-time Sales Associate (Edina, Minnesota)
Part-time Sales Associate (Manhattan Beach, California)
Part-time Sales Associate (Palo Alto, California)
Part-time Sales Associate (San Francisco, CA)
Store Manager (Palo Alto, California)
Sales Manager-National Accounts (Carlsbad, California)
IT Support Specialist (Carlsbad, California)
Web Developer (Carlsbad, California)

Real Escape from the Sex Trade
Sorry, no job openings at this time (Real Escape from the Sex Trade)

Restore NYC
*Case Manager (New York, NY)

Safe Horizon
*Multiple Opportunities (Multiple Locations

Sanctuary for Families

Save the Children
*Multiple Opportunities (Multiple Locations)  

Shared Hope International

Soko (FP)
*Client Support Analyst (San Francisco, CA)
VP of Sales (San Francisco, CA; Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY)
VP of Marketing (San Francisco, CA; Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY)

Solidarity Center        
Program Officer 2 (Washington, D.C.)

SOS Children's Villages 
Internships (Washington, DC)

Sseko Designs (FP)

Stop the Traffik

Truckers Against Trafficking
Sorry, no job openings at this time (TAT). 

Tahirih Justice Center
*Social Services Program Manager (San Francisco, CA)
*Grants and Finance Associate (Falls Church, VA)
*Development Associate (Falls Church, VA)
*Social Services Associate (San Francisco, CA)
Office Administrator (San Francisco Bay, CA)
Deputy Director (Houston, TX)
Government Grants Manager (Falls Church, VA)

Ten Thousand Villages
Assistant Store Manager (San Antonio, TX)
Sales Associate I and II (Multiple Locations)

Emerging Markets Research Program Consultant (Hungary; Pakistan; Russia; South Africa; South Korea; and Turkey)

Vital Voices
*Manager of Development (Washington, D.C.)
Internships (Washington, DC)

Volunteers for Youth Justice
*Sorry, no job opportunities at this time (Youth Justice).

Walk Free
Sorry, no job openings at this time (Walk Free).

West Elm
*Multiple Jobs (Multiple Locations)

Wings of Refuge
Direct Care Coach (Iowa Falls, IA)

World Childhood Foundation
Sorry, no job openings at this time (World Childhood Foundation).

World Education
*Country Director (Parakou, Benin)

World Relief
Multiple Positions (Multiple Locations)

World Vision
*Advocacy Mobilization Associate (Federal Way, Washington)
*Software and Web Developer (Federal Way, Washington)
*Customer/Desktop Service Analyst II (Federal Way, Washington)
*Enterprise Application Administrator (Federal Way, Washington)
*Warehouse Specialist (Grand Prairie, TX)
Senior Business Analyst (Federal Way, Washington)
Web Producer (Federal Way, Washington)
Digital Marketing Manager (Federal Way, Washington)