As our Own

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It is one thing to care for orphans as orphans. But what if our care went beyond that . . . what if we cared for them as our own children?

This was the inspiration for our name, As Our Own. Our name encompasses our true vision and lifelong commitment to each child: to care for her as our own-for life.

To this end, we are committed to a three-pronged approach that shapes our daily work of rescuing vulnerable children, placing the rescued within our lifelong aftercare family, and preventing future high-risk situations by transforming communities for sustainable, long-term change.

Such a vision grows in conjunction with our support base. Your gifts keep children from this destructive, hopeless fate by offering new life, security, and belonging through strong communities that grow new patterns of hope.

Together, we can love vulnerable children as our own.


As Our Own is a Christ-based, community-driven movement in India that rescues vulnerable children from certain enslavement and exploitation, caring for them as our own.

We rescue children from treacherous situations. We provide lifelong aftercare for the rescued—they are now part of our family, for life. We transform communities to prevent high-risk situations that create the need for children to be rescued in the first place.

This is our passion. We’d love to share a bit about how we do it.

  • Contact Information:
  • PO Box 101282
  • Chicago, Illinois 60610
  • United States
  • Active In: India
  • Forms of Abolition:
  • Awareness, Rescue, Aftercare
  • Forms of Slavery:
  • Child Labor