Aura Freedom International


Created in the name of gender equality, Aura Freedom is a women-led and survivor-centred Canadian charity that promotes the human rights of women and girls and combats inequality, gender-based violence and human trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation. 

Through education, advocacy, prevention, support and empowerment, Aura Freedom has implemented sustainable projects addressing gender-based violence and human trafficking in both Canada and South Asia. We have seen firsthand that simply educating women and girls on their human rights empowers them to resist long-standing societal norms of gender inequality and the resulting implications, and live a life of good health and inclusiveness. 

Aura Freedom is a champion for grassroots action. We are a non-governmental organization with no religious ties seeking to create long-lasting, systemic change. We are of the firm belief that when a female is educated and empowered, she becomes a catalyst for positive change whose success benefits everyone around her. 

Addressing the root causes of violence against women, gender inequality and exploitation is a fundamental part of Aura Freedom's work. As an organization, we go deep. Why? Because if we do not address the root causes, then we will simply be doing damage control for the rest of our lives. There is so much dismantling to do and it is not done easily. When we look at solutions to violence against women and exploitation, we must look under the dirt, at the root. There is no quick fix. We have to be in this for the long haul, and anyone doing this work knows that.


Aura Freedom International seeks to empower, support and educate women and girls worldwide. Through grassroots programs and sustainable projects with like-minded organizations, we seek to advance the human rights of women and girls in both the developed and developing world and promote gender equality.

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