Baladarshan is a network of South Indian social organizations employing disadvantaged women in crafts production. It was founded by social workers who wanted to improve the livelihood of isolated women and their children in Chennai slum areas. After setting-up producers groups in several slums, Baladarshan extended its partnership to many other organizations/producers' groups in South India. 


  • To train socially and economically marginalized communities, especially downtrodden women, in handicrafts;

  • To provide fair paying and sustainable employment;

  • To build the self-esteem and confidence of producers by enhancing and promoting their skills;

  • To fight child labor and to insure education access for the beneficiaries' children;

  • To successfully implement marketing strategies to meet local and worldwide buyer demand; and

  • To provide a sustainable livelihood and safe environment in term of housing, nutrition, health and education 


To reduce poverty and ensure a sustainable livelihood by providing trainings in handicrafts and job opportunities that embody fair trade principles

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