A Slavery-Free Holiday Season

November 24, 2014 Mariah Long Opinion 
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How can you ensure that your Black Friday and Holiday shopping is free of slave labor?

Is there really any way to make sure every single thing you buy wasn’t made with slave labor? The unfortunate answer is no. In fact many companies don’t even know if there is slave labor in their supply chains, but some admit it is likely. So what can you do? Well, here is our list of things to do this holiday season.

  1. Figure out how many slaves work for you and what they produce. It is overwhelming to think of everything being made using slave labor, but if you can identify one area of your life to shop differently it can make a huge difference.

  2. Buy products from companies who sell Fair Trade items. Fair Trade means that workers are paid a living wage and their rights are upheld. Here is a list of Fair Trade companies we have featured.

  3. Then send letters to your favorite companies to encourage them to have transparent supply chains and address any human rights violations. They need you to continue to be profitable and if enough consumers demand this from major companies they will have to comply.

  4. Make your own gifts. Handmade gifts add a personal touch to the holiday season. Don’t forget to reuse and recycle anything you can!

  5. Handmade goods not your thing? It’s okay, use sites like Ebay and Etsy to shop for a gently used item. Remember to think about where they get materials!

  6. Give. Instead of buying gifts have your family/friends pick an organization and donate the money you would’ve spent on gifts. Then have an awesome dinner party with a white elephant gift exchange.

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