A Story of Hope After Sex Trafficking

April 09, 2015 Don Gerred Video 
Rescue, Sex Trafficking, Aftercare, Women & Girls, Empowerment, Faith

As a former investigator for International Justice Mission, Don had seen some pretty terrible situations. When asked about his favorite story of healing he started to tell us about Mala. She was trafficked for sex to one of the most violent brothels they had ever seen. After she was rescued and put into quality aftercare, Don didn't even recognize the person she'd become.



Topics: Rescue, Sex Trafficking, Aftercare, Women & Girls, Empowerment, Faith

About the Author

Don Gerred

Don Gerred was a narcotics prosecutor in the state of Pennsylvania for 6 years. He then joined the Kolkata (India) Field Office of International Justice Mission office in April of 2006 where he eventually became a Field Office Director. Since 2010, Don has served as the Director of Justice Projects at Crossroads in Cincinnati, Ohio. Crossroads’ mission is to connect spiritual seekers to a body of growing Christ followers who are changing the world.

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