How to Start a Freedom Business

September 14, 2015 Video 
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Nicole is the founder of Polished Pearl, a luxury lifestyle brand whose profits go to the needs of vulnerable children. Their products are made in two different countries where they are trying to fight trafficking through employment. This style of business is considered a freedom business: a company whose number one goal is to use its profits to employ more people. The following is her advice to those wishing to start a freedom business.


Figure out what country you have a heart for, and research what human trafficking looks like in that country. Ask questions of those who work directly in that country; ask them what is most needed. Design your business solution to meet those needs. Then, consider: what does running a business look like in that country?


What can you get in that country? Shipping goods internationally is incredibly expensive, so you'll need to work with what is available. Figure out what materials are abundant in that country, and brainstorm products you can make using those resources.


You must have a product that meets three things: you can source the goods, you can sell it and the people you are working for can make it. The goal is to turn enough profit to increase employment. You will not be able to turn a profit unless you have a product you can sell. If you start with a product that isn't selling get rid of it, and look for something else.

Remember that the goal is sustainable employment.

Topics: Business, Slave Free Lifestyle, Empowerment

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