Photos That Bear Witness to Modern-Day Slavery

September 14, 2014 Video 
Bonded Labor, Forced Labor, Child Labor, Sex Trafficking, Awareness

In 2012 Lisa Kristine, a fine arts photographer, spent time with Free the Slaves documenting different cultures in slavery around the world. In the TED talk below, she shares her chilling images and the stories behind them. In one anecdote, she shares the story of children carrying stones on their backs weighing more than the children themselves. Lisa ultimately wonders, "How can we affect something so insidious yet so pervasive?"

Lisa illuminates the stories of those she photographed and documents widespread instances of enslavement throughout the world today. Her hope, though, is contagious, and the power for change is seen in her statement, "I truly believe, if we can see one another as fellow human beings, then it becomes very difficult to tolerate atrocities like slavery.”

This TED talk can be seen here

Topics: Bonded Labor, Forced Labor, Child Labor, Sex Trafficking, Awareness

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