Sex Workers of Faridpur

January 06, 2016 Allison Joyce Photo Gallery 
Sex Trafficking

About 800 women and girls live and work inside a state-licensed brothel in Faridpur, Bangladesh. The bustling brothel is comprised of four buildings, situated on an important trading route on the banks of the Padma River. Many of chowkri (bonded sex workers) are underage. Some of the girls are runaways who leave home to escape a bad situation or marriage, and end up in the brothels when they have nowhere else to go. Many others have been kidnapped and sold to a madame by a parent or relative. Others were born into the brothel. They must take on 5-10 clients per day, and most receive no pay because they must repay their debt to their madame.


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Allison Joyce

Allison Joyce is a Boston born photojournalist based between Mumbai, India and Dhaka, Bangladesh. At the age of 19 she left school at Pratt Institute and moved to Iowa to cover the 2008 Presidential Race where she worked as a campaign photographer for Hillary Clinton. The experience inspired her travels around the world covering social issues and news.