Destiny Rescue

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The Destiny Rescue story began with founder and international president Tony Kirwan sitting down one day with a friend pondering what they’d like to do with the rest of lives. Tony recalls, “One day I had lunch with a mate of mine and, for whatever reason, got all deep and meaningful. For me, it was a real God moment and the first time I thought I was to be hands on.” Up until this point, Tony was busy managing his own electrical contracting business in northern Queensland, Australia. He had always thought he would be a “giver”, not a “goer.” However, that day God put a seed in his heart that would grow to be something significant in the days ahead.

A short time later in October of 1998, Tony and his father went on a trip to Cambodia to investigate if moving to an impoverished nation was what God was asking of him and his family. While there, Tony saw kids in the dump with open sores, swollen bellies and little or no clothing. That very night, Tony poured his heart out to God and sensed an overwhelming urge to do something. He explains, “I remember I was about to pray something like, “God have mercy on these children”, but before I could even get the words out, I felt what I really should be praying is, “God have mercy on me if I don’t do something to help these kids.”

When Tony returned from his trip, he shared with his wife what God had revealed to him. And around the same time, God began nudging her to get involved and work with the vulnerable and poor, as well. Eventually, with united hearts, their young family moved to Thailand and volunteered with a mission organization. While there, they heard about a Christian man visiting Bangkok being offered children for sexual pleasure for $400 USD. Tony said, “When I heard this story, it really hit me and I knew I had to do something. It was at this point, I believe, God put the vision of Destiny Rescue in my heart.”

Today, Destiny Rescue has grown into an internationally recognized Christian non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing children enslaved in the sex trafficking industry. We work on virtually every continent with hundreds of employees and volunteers dedicated to our mission. Simply put, we exist to see sex-slavery end in our lifetime.

Through the years, we have literally saved hundreds of children from brothels, red light districts and abusive situations and brought them to one of our many “Rescue Homes,” where they can be cared for and looked after in a safe, Christ-loving environment.

And as long as sex-trafficking and child sexual exploitation exist in our world, we will continue to fight and be advocates on behalf of the enslaved and vulnerable.



Destiny Rescue rescues children from red light districts, brothels and sexually abusive situations.


Destiny Rescue provides rescued children the intensive care and love they need to recover from the traumatic effects of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. We provide them medical help, counseling, schooling, vocational training and all daily needs required to be integrated back into society successfully. In addition, we provide a safe protective place for them to live, grow and experience the unconditional love of God – a place where they can feel valued and esteemed; a place where they can be kids again.


Destiny Rescue offers programs that help at-risk children and families reduce their children’s chances of being sold, lured or trafficked into the sex-trade.


Destiny Rescue believes in empowering the poor and giving them a hand up in life, not a handout. Our philosophy and goal is to help them become self-sustaining through one of our many assistance programs. Simply put, we don’t want to create a welfare system where children and families become dependent on our organization, but rather have a chance to become profitable through hard work and common sense.


Destiny Rescue is committed to being a voice for the sexually exploited, vulnerable and poor who, in most cases, can’t speak up for themselves. We believe everyone has a right to be heard, especially those crying out for justice. Many times they are overlooked or tossed aside by society, but we are determined to be their voice – motivating and inspiring influencers to get involved and make a difference in the lives of the voiceless.


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  • 10339 Dawsons Creek Blvd Ste C.
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  • United States
  • Active In: Thailand, Cambodia, India, Philippines, Dominican Republic
  • Forms of Abolition:
  • Aftercare, Empowerment
  • Forms of Slavery:
  • Sex Trafficking
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