Esther Benjamins Trust

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The Esther Benjamins Trust was founded in 1999. Initially, the Trust focused on helping children held in prison with their parents who were serving prison sentences. The Trust arranged for the children to be released and cared for them until their parents were released. The Trust then turned its attention to children who had been sold into India by traffickers who tricked parents into letting them take their children with promises of education, training and future work. Many of the children rescued by the Trust were forced to do dangerous work in Indian circuses. In the 12 year period to 2011, the Trust rescued over 600 children, mostly girls, and returned them to their family homes. A few were judged to be at risk of being re-trafficked or needed extra support, so they were housed in a refuge near Kathmandu. In 2011/12, over 130 children lived there. Fourteen traffickers have been put in jail as a direct result of the Trust's work. It is the Trust's goal to reunite the children with their original families, wherever possible. And where it was not possible, the children went to live in small family-style homes. The Esther Benjamins Trust continues to monitor the welfare of each child, whether back with their families or in small homes with foster parents. 


We will fund work in Nepal to provide support for trafficked children, principally to provide family-based care. We will also fund work to prevent trafficking in Nepal. 

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