Pakistan Rural Workers Social Welfare Organization (PRWSWO)


Pakistan Rural Workers Social Welfare Organization (PRWSWO) was founded in 1997 by a group of community workers interested in improving the standard of life of disadvantaged populations. They've released publications on child trafficking and camel jockeys. Other areas of activities include education and literacy, women and youth empowerment, bonded labor and child rights and protection.


To create a society where marginalized and vulnerable communities are socially, economically and politically empowered through their active participation


To build communities where people can lead their lives with dignity, honor and without any discrimination based on class, race, religion or language

  • Contact Information:
  • House No.73, Street 4, P.O. Box No.2, Quasim Town
  • Bahawalpur, Punjab
  • Pakistan
  • Active In: Pakistan
  • Forms of Abolition: 
  • Awareness, Policy Making, Empowerment
  • Forms of Slavery: 
  • Forced Labor, Bonded Labor, Child Labor