Pillars of Hope



At Pillars of Hope, we want to make a difference in the lives of these survivors. The reality of returning them to society, to be able to fulfill their purpose in life, is not only our dream but our mission.

Currently, Pillars of Hope’s status is one of new and encouraging growth. One of their main priorities is to have a safe place where women and children can live while they heal and gain the ability to become independent from the hideous grip of trafficking. A house is currently being considered for them to lease, and Pillars of Hope will have that initial safe house. But remember, this is just the start and much more will need to be done in order to obtain this safe haven and to keep it going…not to mention the addition of more safe houses when God’s timing is right.Pillars of Hope has grown from a few to many…people coming on board with different talents and ideas to help them go in the right direction. The more they get the mission and needs of Pillars of Hope out to the public, the more they find people that are willing to jump aboard and to help in whatever ways they can. [Founder] Debra Brown hopes that you too will find in yourself the desire and ability to help them achieve their goals.


The mission of Pillars of Hope is to combat the darkness of modern day slavery, also known as human trafficking. We will achieve this through public awareness campaigns, intervention, prevention, safe transitional housing and reintegration programs for rescued victims of this horrible crime. We will provide Christ-centered services to meet the practical, emotional and spiritual needs of the primary targets of human trafficking: young women and children. We are passionate about seeing these survivors healed, restored and living out their God-given purpose in life.

  • Contact Information:
  • PO Box 4714
  • , California 94531
  • United States
  • Active In: United States
  • Forms of Abolition:
  • Aftercare
  • Forms of Slavery:
  • Sex Trafficking