Refuge for Women

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Refuge for Women provides long-term care to women who have escaped human trafficking or sexual exploitation.  We offer safe housing via 24-hour-a-day staffing with 5 locations across Kentucky, Chicago, North Texas, and Las Vegas.  The program is designed to help residents recognize and achieve their goals in life, find successful independent living, and facilitate healing and ministry to address trauma.  Our 9-12 month program has a 3-phase approach: Healing, Job Prep, and Job Placement.  Services include monthly recreational outings, weekly therapy, group addiction meetings, bible study, church attendance, along with daily devotions and classes focused on healing and preparation for healthy independent living.  Our hope is for each resident to leave Refuge for Women having found self-sustainability and a life marked with dignity and hope.  

As of 2016, we have helped 108 women since opening our doors in 2010, with 95% of our graduates not returning to the sex industry.  In 6 years we’ve expanded to 5 locations and expect 4 new locations to open in 2017.  Our 2020 goal is to provide 100 beds across the nation. By fanning out across the U.S. we are strategically creating a network of safe passage, so women can escape from their offenders.  Refuge for Women is the nation’s leading recovery center for victims of sex trafficking and exploitation, evidencing a replicable model, and allowing each woman to encounter the love of Christ.  We receive applications from all over the country and proudly partner with local law enforcement, outreach ministries, and referral centers to identify and serve potential residents.

  • Contact Information:
  • 341 Waller Avenue
  • Lexington, Kentucky 40503
  • United States
  • Active In: United States
  • Forms of Abolition:
  • Aftercare
  • Forms of Slavery:
  • Sex Trafficking
  • Additional Locations:
    • Chicago, Illinois
    • United States
    • Las Vegas, Nevada
    • United States