Tapeshwori Social Welfare Organization


Tapeshwori Social Welfare Organization works with another local organization, HURCY, with support from the Freedom Fund, to combat agricultural bonded labor by forming groups of these families in eight locations. The groups will participate in non-formal education promoting literacy and sharing on trafficking, bonded labor, safe migration and health related issues. The program will enable children from the families to return to formal education and participate in regular tutoring sessions. Child clubs will be formed to advocate for the rights of children. Group members will receive vocational training. The project will exert pressure on landlords to liberate families from bondage. The groups will develop plans to be submitted to local village governments, and they will also advocate for the increase of wages for agricultural laborers. Key officials and political leaders will be targeted for awareness and advocacy trainings.

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  • Awareness, Policy Making, Empowerment, Rescue
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  • Bonded Labor, Child Labor