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Tiny Hands officially began in 2004 after John Molineux, now the President of Tiny Hands International, consulted with a local Nepali Christian leader who runs a children's home in Kathmandu. Their relationship began in 2002 when Molineux first visited Nepal with four other recent graduates of Taylor University to invest in the lives of the children who work and live on the streets of Kathmandu. It was from this trip that the doors were opened to start Peace Children’s Home in 2004. Moved by the contrast between the children at Peace Home and the children on the street, Molineux began to meet with various Christian leaders to discuss innovative ideas that would help change the lives of the children of Nepal. Those discussions led to the start of a new children's home, Salvation Children’s Home.

In 2006, Molineux traveled to Bangladesh where he connected with another local Christian leader, Sukhen Biswas, who shared the desire to work among orphaned and abandoned children. Tiny Hands began partnering with Sukhen in 2007 with the opening of a children’s home in Gopalgunj, Bangladesh. Late in 2006, Doug Dworak, who had helped establish Peace Children's Home in Nepal in 2004, left his job to join the mission of Tiny Hands in a full-time capacity. His ability to advocate and raise funds for the ministry proved to be a critical step in furthering the growth of Tiny Hands.

In 2007, after learning about the magnitude of the sex trafficking industry, Tiny Hands Nepal, the daughter organization of THI, began actively working to intercept girls being trafficked across the Nepal-India border. The ministry has greatly increased prevention efforts by traveling the length of the Nepal-India border to locate church partners who shared a passion for this work. 

In 2008, the One Girl Prayer Initiative was formed as a way to use prayer to eradicate the injustice of human trafficking. 

In 2009, land was purchased for the Dream Center: a community of six children's homes, a K-12 Christian school and a vision center where volunteers and friends of Tiny Hands can participate in an active, thriving community of believers. The first two Dream Center homes were completed in 2011.

The first trafficker to be convicted as a direct result of Tiny Hands' investigation and prosecution went to prison in 2012. Since then, several additional traffickers have been convicted through the joint efforts of Tiny Hands and local police.

The ministy began performing transit monitoring in 2014. Transit monitoring is based on our proven border monitoring concept of having trained staff watch for suspicious activity and question suspected traffickers and their victims. Transit monitoring takes this strategy inland to bus depots and other transportation hubs. Tiny Hands began intercepting trafficked women and children using transit monitoring in 2014.


To finding the greatest injustices in the world and working toward bringing relief to those living under its oppression - especially orphans, street children and victims of human trafficking

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