The Struggle Continues

On December 31st 2018 the Mauritanian government released anti-enslavement activist, politician, and lawyer Biram Dah Abeid. Abeid, the son of freed enslaved workers, has tirelessly campaigned against forced labor and domestic servitude in Mauritania. This northwest African country was the last to abolish enslavement. It did so in 1981. As Abeid and others have pointed out, however, the practice continues unofficially.

End Slavery Now has been raising awareness about enslavement in Mauritania in our action library. For example, you can read more about protests against the enslavement of darker-skinned Mauritanians. You can also read op-eds published in the Cincinnati Enquirer about the deportation of refugees back to situations where they will likely be enslaved. Finally, you can read End Slavery Now's initial call for modern-day abolitionists to sign the petition to free Abeid.

End Slavery Now is pleased to report that the petitions, phone calls, and protests have paid off! Abeid is a free man and is continuing his work fighting enslavement in his country. Click the button above to learn more. Be sure and follow End Slavery Now to stay informed about Mauritania.

Forms of Abolition:

Forms of Slavery:
Domestic Servitude, Forced Labor