War Child

In 1993, the northeastern African country of Sudan erupted in a Civil War. Emmanuel Jal was one of many children recruited into this conflict as a child combatant, also known as a child soldier. The use of child soldiers is illegal under natural law, and leads to profound childhood trauma. Indeed, many former child soldiers experience lifelong psychological struggles related to this form of modern-day enslavement. Jal works through his own trauma through music, rap, and writing, and works to prevent other Sudanese young people from being trafficked into armed combat. 

Learn more about this remarkable activist and abolitionist by watching Emmanuel Jal: War Child. Consider hosting a movie night and screening this film. 

If you are an educator, Jal's message of peace makes this documentary appropriate to show to your class on January 30th, which has been observed as School Day of Non-Violence and Peace since 1964. Click the button above to watch the trailer and see Jal performing his rap for youth in school. If you're in a book group, consider reading Jal's autobiography War Child: A Child Soldier's Story.

Forms of Abolition:

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