Fact vs. Fiction

From rumors about the online retailer Wayfair participating in child sex trafficking to unfounded allegations against celebrities like Tom Hanks and Chrissy Teigen, a lot of falsehoods about modern-day enslavement have made the rounds during 2020. While we all want to do our part to fight human trafficking, spreading false rumors does more harm than good. For example, as the Polaris Project writes, there are only so many advocates available to help trafficking victims and survivors. If these dedicated activists are spending too much time debunking untrue rumors they will not be able to help someone trying to escape their trafficker. Furthermore, many of the populations most at risk of being trafficked, such as the African American and LGBTQ+ communities, are being blamed for child trafficking.

Click the button above to read the full article by the Polaris Project. Organizations like them are always a good resource for those interested in becoming modern-day abolitionists. Remember - it is always a good idea to think before hitting "forward" or "send" on any emails you get about human trafficking!

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