Job Opportunities

New Openings

Listed below are job openings in non-profit organizations and for-profit (FP) companies that are fighting human trafficking.

*Last Updated - February, 2020

Seasonal Store Manager (Dallas, TX)
Seasonal Assistant Store Manager (Dallas, TX)
Special Assistant to CEO (Dallas, TX)

Alter Eco (FP)
Brand Ambassador (San Francisco, CA)
Tuk Tuk Driver (San Francisco, CA)
Sales Support Coordinator (San Francisco, CA)

American Jewish World Service
Accounts Payable Specialist (New York, NY)
Administrative Coordinator/ Development Associate (San Francisco, CA)
Advocacy Coordinator (Washington, D.C.)
Associate Director, Institutional Giving (New York, NY)  
Board Liaison (New York, NY)
Director of Developmental Operations (New York, NY)
Director of Digital Communications (New York, NY)
Director of International Advocacy (New York, NY)
Director of Major Gifts (New York, NY)
Director of Media Relations (New York, NY)
Human Resources Associate (New York, NY)
Program Officer, Civil and Political Rights (ASIA) (New York, NY)
Program Officer, Jewish Advocacy and Engagement (New York, NY; Washington D.C.)
Senior Major Gifts Officer (New York, NY)

Anti-Slavery International
Strategic Partnership Manager (Stockwell, London)

Apne Aap
Sorry, no job openings at this time.

Assistance Teacher (Towson, MD)
Assistance Teacher- Type I (Belcamp, MD)
Case Worker- Ambassador Family Specialist (Spring, TX)
Case Worker- Ambassador Family Specialist (Brownwood, TX)
Clinical Therapist- LCSW (Amarillo, TX)
Direct Care- Residential Counselor PRN (Houston, TX)
Direct Care- Residential Counselor PRN (Conroe, TX)
Direct Care- Residential Counselor PRN (Amarillo, TX)
Family Home Developer (Tyler, TX)
Food Service Worker- PT (Amarillo, TX)
Maintenance- Facility Team Member (Conroe, TX)
Program Director- Child Sex Trafficking Services (Dallas, TX)
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program- PRP Worker
Residential Counselor (PRP Worker) (Salisbury, MD)
Resource Assistant (Belcamp, MD)
Scheduling Coordinator (Conroe, TX)
School Social Worker (Belcamp, MD)
Shift Supervisor- Residential (Baltimore, MD)
Speech and Language Pathologist- Tangram School or Autism (Towson MD)
Supervising Social Worker-LSCW-C (Baltimore, MD)
Teacher- Tangram School (Towson, MD)
Therapist- CST Services (Spring, TX)
Vice President of Residential Services (Spring, TX)

AusCam Freedom Project
Country Director Cambodia (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Beyond Borders
Sorry, no job openings at this time. 

Bead For Life
Marketing/ Managing Director (Boulder, CO)
Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist (Uganda)
Global Training Team Project Maestro (Boulder, CO)

Brilliant Earth (FP)
Customer Experience Receptionist (San Diego, CA)
Customer Experience Manager (San Diego, CA)
Customer Experience/ Sales Assistance (San Diego, CA)
Customer Experience Manger (San Francisco, CA)
Customer Experience Receptionist (San Francisco, CA)
Customer Experience/ Sales Assistance (San Francisco, CA)
Customer Experience Manger (West Hollywood, CA)
Customer Experience Manger (Denver, CO)
Customer Experience/ Sales Assistant (Washington, DC)
Customer Experience Manager (Chicago, IL)
Customer Experience/ Sales Assistant (Boston, MA)
A/R and A/P Associate (Denver, CO)
Accounting Manager (Denver, CO)
Business Analyst (Denver, CO)
Online Product Marketing (San Francisco, CA)
Associate Merchandiser (Denver, CO)
Operations Assistant (San Francisco, CA)
Operations Associate (San Francisco, CA)
Responsible Sourcing Intern (San Francisco, CA)
Staff Gemologist (Denver, CO)
Fraud Investigations Assistant (Denver, CO)
CAD Designer (Denver, CO)
Customer Experience/ Sales Assistant (West Hollywood, CA)
Customer Experience/ Sales Assistant (Denver, CO)
Assistant Manager (Chicago, IL)

Catholic Relief Services
Multiple Jobs (U.S. Based & International)

Chab Dai
Human Resources (Cambodia) 

Challenging Heights
Sorry, no job openings at this time.

Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST)
Shelter Relief Staff (Los Angeles, CA)
Emergency Shelter Program Shelter Support (Los Angeles, CA)
Emergency Shelter Support Staff - Holiday Relief, Seasonal (Los Angeles, CA)
Volunteer Law Clerk (Los Angeles, CA)
Volunteer Front Office Administrative Support (Los Angeles, CA)
Operations Assistant (Los Angeles, CA)
Staff Attorney (Los Angeles, CA)
Staff Attorney (Los Angeles, CA)
Internships (Los Angeles, CA) 
Executive Assistant to the Office of the CEO (Los Angeles, CA)
Emergency Response Case Manager (Los Angeles, CA)
Director of Empowerment (Los Angeles, CA)

Covenant House
Internships (New York, NY)
SVP of Finance/ Accounting (New York, NY)
Major Gifts Officer (New York, NY)
Project Manager, Corporate Partnership (New York, NY)
Sustainer Manager (New York, NY)
Peer to Peer Fundraising Coordinator (New York, NY)
Major Gifts Officer, Latin America (New York, NY)

Coyuchi (FP)
Associate Content Manager (San Francisco, CA)
Growth Marketing Manager (San Francisco, CA)
Natural Home Advisor (San Francisco, CA)
Development Director (Los Angeles, CA)
Sorry, no job openings at this time.
Internships (New York, NY)
Communication Associate (Bangkok, Thailand)  
Research and Policy Team Intern (Bangkok, Thailand) 
End Slavery Cincinnati
Part Time Southwest Ohio Regional Coalition Specialist (Cincinnati, OH)
Anti-Human Trafficking Case Manager (Cincinnati, OH)

Everlane (FP)
Multiple Positions (Multiple Locations) 
Extended Hands of Hope
Development Director (Denver, CO)
H.O.P.E. Youth Advocate (Denver, CO)
Residential Staff (Sacramento, CA)
Sorry, no job openings at this time.
Asia Based Supplier Sustainability Manager (Suzhou or Senzhen, China)
Embedded Software Engineer (Amsterdam)
Business Controller (Amsterdam)
Android App Developer (Amsterdam)
Human Rights Investigator (Sarasota, FL)
Human Rights Attorney (Sarasota, FL)
Financial Investigator (Sarasota, FL)
Part Time Accountant (Sarasota, FL)
Office Manager (Sarasota, FL)
Director of Finance (Sarasota, FL)
Sorry, no job openings at this time.
Vice President, Consumer Packaged Goods (Oakland, CA)
Director of Data Science (Oakland, CA)
Senior Policy Manager (Vauxhall, London, UK)
Operations and Comms Assistant (Vauxhall, London, UK)
Development Director (Varanasi, India)
Investigator (Madhya Pradesh, India)
Case Worker (Madhya Pradesh, India)
Development Manager (India)
Social Worker (India)
Proposal Requests (India)
Team Assistant and Office Manager (London)
Chief Procurement Officer (Kolkata, India)
Communications Manager (Kolkata, India)
Freeset Business Incubator Gateway Site Coordinator (Kolkata, India)
Graphic Designer (Kolkata, India)
Head of Operations (Kolkata, India)
Nurse (Kolkata, India)
Procurement Manager (Kolkata, India)
Quality Control Manager (Kolkata, India)
Fabrics Business Manager (Deputy GM) (Kolkata, India)
IT Support Specialist (Phoenix, AZ)
Correspondence Processing Rep 1 (Phoenix, AZ)
Coaching, Team Building, and Assessment Manager (Phoenix, AZ)
Sr. Java Developer (Phoenix, AZ)
Senior Technical Specialist, Public Resources (Washington. D.C.) 
Lead Major Gifts Officer (Virtual)
Reg. Monitoring and Evaluations Advisor Asia (Asia Region)
Gender and Youth Lead Niger (Africa Region)
Reg. Health and Education Advisor (LAC) (Latin America and Caribbean Region)
County Director Dominican Republic (Latin America and Caribbean Region)
Development Director (New York, NY)
Training Coordinator (New York, NY)
Clinical Manager (New York, NY)
Contracts Coordinator (New York, NY)
Internships (New York, NY)
Internships (Arlington, VA)

Global Workers Justice Alliance
Internships (Brooklyn, NY)
Data Entry Operator (Uttar Pradesh, India)
Program Officer, Capacity Building Unit (Washington, D.C.)
Certification System Unit Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer (Washington, D.C)
Project Director (Delhi, India)
Finance Manager (Cambodia)
Computer Teacher (Cambodia)
Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Manager (London)
Assistant Researcher (Africa)
Researcher on Russia (Moscow, RUS)
Information Security Technologist (New York, NY)
Associate Director, Development and Outreach Department (Palo Alto, CA)
Senior Manager, Foundation Relations (Berlin, DEU)
Research Analyst, National Priorities Project (Washington D.C.)
Digital Communications Fellowship (Washington D.C.)
Sorry, no job openings at this time. 
Multiple Positions (Multiple Locations) 
Associate Director, Philanthropy and Partnerships (New York, NY)
Education Technical Advisor (Jorden-Amman, Shimesani)
Emergency Field Director External Emergency Roster (New York, NY)
Grants Coordinator (Tunisia)
Information Systems Intern (New York, NY)
Officer, Leadership Gifts Southern Region (Baltimore, DC, Charlottesville, NY)
Officer, Legacy Gifts (Francisco, CA)
Regional Durable Solutions Advisor (Jordan)
Rural Livelihood Officer (New York, NY)
Vice President, International Development (New York, NY)
Sorry, no job openings at this time. 
Sorry, no job openings at this time. 
Video Editor (CT) (Houston, Texas)
Video Editor (TX) (Houston, Texas)
Director of Operations (New Haven, CT)
Therapist- PRN (Cincinnati, OH)
Home Study Assessor- PRN (Cincinnati, OH)
Licensing Specialist (Cincinnati, OH)
Mover-Youth Housing Opportunities (Cincinnati, OH)
Resident Manager II (Cincinnati, OH)
Service Coordinator (Cincinnati, OH)
Youth Worker (Cincinnati, OH)
Individualized Service Worker (School Based, Autism Focused) (Cincinnati, OH)
Individual Service Worker/ Wrap (Cincinnati, OH)
Mental Health Clinician (Cincinnati, OH)
Qualified Mental Health Specialist- FT (Cincinnati, OH)
Qualified Mental Health Specialist- PRN (Cincinnati, OH)
School Based Therapist (Cincinnati, OH)
Registered Nurse (Bainbridge, OH)
Youth Behavior Specialist (Bainbridge, OH)
Youth Worker (Nights) (Bainbridge, OH)
Therapist LSW/LPC- Juvenile Justice (Cincinnati, OH)
Youth Worker Group Homes (Cincinnati, OH)
Intervention Specialist (Madisonville, OH)
Assistant Principal (Madisonville, OH)
Teacher- History (Madisonville, OH)
Teacher- Physical Education/ Health (Madisonville, OH)
Host Home Outreach Manager (Cincinnati, OH)
Clinical Home Outreach Manager (Cincinnati, OH)
Clinical Supervisor- Central Intake (Cincinnati, OH)
Mental Health Assessor- LSW/ LPC (Cincinnati, OH)
Program Coordinator (St. Paul, MN)
Sorry, no job openings at this time. 
Sorry, no job openings at this time.
Open applications. 
Order Fulfillment and Warehouse Assistant (Utah, USA)
Internships (American Fork, UT)  
Sorry, no job openings at this time.
Volunteer positions (Branson, MO)
Administrative Assistant (Missouri, MO)
Marketing & Communications Manager (Missouri, MO)
Nightlight Design Operations Manager (Missouri, MO)
Nightlight Design Sales Associate (Missouri, MO)
Case Manager (Missouri, MO)
Outreach Staff (Missouri, MO)
Volunteer Coordinator(Missouri, MO)
Sorry, no job openings at this time.

Patagonia (FP)
Multiple Opportunities (Multiple Locations)
Junior E-Commerce Design (London, UK)
Chief Program Officer (Washington, D.C.)
Anti-Trafficking Hotline Advocate (Part-Time, Bilingual) (Washington, D.C.)
Communications and Public Relations Associate (Washington, D.C)
Director of Corporate Partnerships (Washington, D.C.)
Law Enforcement Engagement Manager (Washington, D.C.)
Office and Admin Assistant (Carlsbad, CA)
Customer Experience Associate (Carlsbad, CA)
Art Director- Environment (Carlsbad, CA)
E-mail Marketing Coordinator (Carlsbad, CA)
Assistant Store Manager (Carlsbad, CA)
Key Holder (Denver, CO)
Key Holder (Camarillo, CA)
Key Holder (Boulder, CO)
Key Holder (Palo Alto, CA)
Key Holder (Palo Alto, CA)
Key Holder (San Francisco, CA)
Part- Time Sales Associate (Boulder, CO)
Part- Time Sales Associate (Denver, CO)
Part Times Sales Associate (Edina, MO)
Part Times Sales Associate (Manhattan Beach, CA)
Part Times Sales Associate (San Francisco, CA)
Sales Associate (Camarillo, CA)
Store Manager (Camarillo, CA)
Production Assistant (Carlsbad, CA)
Social Responsibility and Traceability Specialist (Carlsbad, CA)
Rest House Weekend Support (Seattle, WA)
Weekend Manager (Lebanon, TN)
Part-Time Residential Coach (Lebanon, TN)
PRN Residential Staff Positions (Lebanon, TN)
Case Manager (New York, NY)
Counselor Advocate (New York, NY)
Director of Development (New York, NY)
Supervising Counselor (New York, NY)
Multiple Opportunities (Multiple Locations)  
Multiple Opportunities (Multiple Locations)
Sorry, no job openings at this time. 
Multiple Opportunities (Multiple Locations)  
Regional Manager of Growth Strategies (Puget Sound, WA)
Coordinator Creative Projects, Growth Strategies (Vancouver, WA)
Director of Training Initiatives (Arlington, VA)
Volunteer and Resources Coordinator (Vancouver, VA)
Director of e-Commerce (San Francisco, CA)
Senior Jewelry Designer (San Francisco, CA)
Internships (Washington, DC)

Sorry, no job openings at this time.
Technology Systems Strategy Manager—Non-Profit (Washington, D.C.)
Immigration & Family Law Paralegal (Falls Church, VA)
Executive Director (Atlanta, GA)
Office Administrator (San Francisco, CA)
National Manager—Foundation Grant Writing (Falls Church, VA)
Development Manager (Baltimore, MD)
Assistant Store Manager (Philadelphia, PA)
Development Director (Akron, PA)
Temporary, On-Call Warehouse Worker (Brownstown, PA)
Sales Associate I and II (Multiple Locations)
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer (Amherst, MA)
Program Assistant (Amherst, MA)
Trauma-Informed Digital Security Trainer (Washington, D.C.)
Secondary Trauma Training Consultant (Washington, D.C.)
Consultant for Secondary Trauma/ Self- Care Capacity Building (Washington, D.C.)
Program Manager- Middle east and North Africa (Washington, D.C.)
Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist (Washington, D.C.)
Policy & Process Trainers (Washington, D.C.)
Political Leadership Trainers (Washington, D.C.)
Communications Trainers (Washington, D.C.)
Program Coordinator- Latin America & The Caribbean (Washington, D.C.)
Program Assistant- Asia and the Pacific (Washington, D.C.)
Communications Manager (Washington, D.C.)
Senior Events Manager (Washington, D.C.)
Program Coordinator- Africa, Human Rights (Washington, D.C.)
Financial Research Consultant- Human Rights (Washington, D.C.)
Vice President for Political and Civic Engagement (Washington, D.C.)
Digital Communications Coordinator (Washington, D.C.)
Internships (Washington, D.C.)
Multiple Jobs (Multiple Locations)
Direct Care Coach- Part Time (Iowa Falls, IA)
Direct Care Coach (Overnights) (Iowa Falls, IA)
Literacy Specialist (Parakou, Benin)
Staff Associate (Boston, MA)
Multiple Positions (Multiple Locations)
Account Executive for in House Creative Agency (Federal Way, WA)
Senior UX/UI Designer (Federal Way, WA)
Senior Financial Systems & Reporting Analyst (Federal Way, WA)
Senior Digital Program Manager (Federal Way, WA)
Senior Web Developer (Federal Way, WA)
Senior Web Product Manager (Federal Way, WA)
Database Analyst, Donor Insights (Federal Way, WA)
Director, Marketing Promotions (Federal Way, WA)
Manager. Marketing Channels (Federal Way, WA)