Combating Child Labor in the Afghan Carpet Sector

June 25, 2014 Photo Gallery 
Empowerment, Forced Labor, Bonded Labor

Founded in 1994, GoodWeave works to end child labor and trafficking in the rug industry and to support weaving communities around the world. Building on its nearly 20 years of experience in India and Nepal, GoodWeave expanded to Afghanistan in 2011. At the time, many people said GoodWeave couldn't succeed in this war-torn country. Today, GoodWeave is proving them wrong, and the very first certified Afghan rug reached the market this winter. The following images will provide you with an overview of the Afghan carpet sector and how GoodWeave's supply chain monitoring program is reaching children and women weavers hidden in home-based looms.


Topics: Empowerment, Forced Labor, Bonded Labor

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