How Lithuania Responded to a TIP Report Downgrade

July 21, 2015 Caleb Benadum Video 
Policy Making, Travel

In 2013, Lithuania was ranked as a Tier 2 country. Previously a Tier 1 country, the downgrade caused a "scandal." But it also helped. Watch the video to learn how! 

The point is that Lithuania listened to the criticisms, not that they are now perfect in their anti-trafficking efforts. Lithuania has a lot it can do to improve, and there have been a number of articles and videos posted here about Kristina Misiniene and Lithuania which you can review below.

This post was originally published at the TIP Global Heroes Network.

Topics: Policy Making, Travel

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Caleb Benadum

Caleb Benadum is the Program Manager for the Trafficking in Persons Report Global Heroes Network, an upcoming web-based project planned for January 2015. He graduated from Capital University with a degree in Philosophy, and the University of Cincinnati Law School with a Juris Doctor degree. Having spent much of his life overseas, he is committed to modern-day abolitionism and the promotion of human rights around the world.

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