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June 16, 2016 Mariah Long Opinion 
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Working in this field End Slavery Now gets updates from people who are starting their own campaigns to raise awareness about trafficking. It is so exciting for us to see so many people want to volunteer their time and efforts for this cause. One of the most common requests and updates I get are for documentaries to raise awareness about sex trafficking.

I know these documentaries are being made for the right reasons but I also feel that people do not know how many of these documentaries already exist. Do a simple search for sex trafficking on Vimeo and you will see tons of results of films that have already been produced. The awareness needle has been raised significantly and what we need to do now is act on our awareness. I believe the money used to make these documentaries could be spent opening or supporting aftercare shelters in the area people live in.

If you are thinking of producing a documentary on sex trafficking please consider showing one of the ones below instead!

These are some of the best documentaries on sex trafficking I have seen. They cover all areas of the world.

WARNING: All of these documentaries / films contain graphic images or stories of rape and sexual assault. 

Nefarious Merchant of Souls

This film is one of the more popular films on sex trafficking. It covers a variety of places around the world from Thailand to Eastern Europe.

Full Version Available for Purchase

The Long Night

A true story of how quickly a runaway is forced into prostitution in the United States. Along side the story of her life and her parents trying to find her is the tale of two police officers who decided to ask more questions of the girls they were arresting. 

Full Version Available for Purchase


Her uncle sold her to a brothel in India when she was very young. She lived there for over 10 years and gave birth to two children, this is the story of her going back to the brothel to rescue her children.

Full Version Available Online

Truckers Against Trafficking Training Video

Truckers Against Trafficking is a group of truckers who are fighting the selling of girls in truck stops across America. This video is a training video for their truckers but is an incredible piece for raising awareness.

Full Version Available Online


This film shows a look inside the United States’ sex trade. It shows a variety of characters, the pimps, johns, police, victims and parents.

Full Version Available for Purchase

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Mariah was previously the Program Manager of End Slavery Now. She graduated from the University of Cincinnati's DAAP program with a degree in Digital Design. 

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