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December 31, 2015 Mariah Long Opinion 
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This time of year, conversations are buzzing with talk of resolutions. These resolutions normally fall in the "self-help" category: lose weight, read more, more family time, less social distractions, etc. This year, we want to challenge you to make a "world-help" commitment! Choose at least one thing off the list below that you will do in 2016 to help rid the world of slavery.

Consumer Related

Slavery is often fueled by our consumerism and greed. By changing our purchasing habits we can tell the market that we will not stand for slave-made goods.

  1. Choose Two Items

    This year, pick two items that you will buy slave free. These can be things like coffee, rice, t-shirts, shoes, tomatoes, chocolate or jewelry. Check out our list of companies for more ideas. 

  2. Don’t Buy New Stuff

    Try shopping at thrift or second hand stores. Look for used appliances or home items if you need them. ThredUp is an online consignment shop where you can buy second hand clothes! Get $20 off your first order.

  3. Local, Local, Local

    There are some really talented people where you live! Consider paying a little extra to enjoy their homemade honey instead of buying from a large store.

Service Related

In order to decrease and stop instances of slavery, we need everyone to get involved.

  1. Be Generous

    It is going to take a lot of money to fund this goal. This year, pledge to give $40 a month to an organization that you believe in. Or, pledge to do a fundraiser this year: run a marathon, donate your birthday or have a bake sale. Anything and everything helps! We have a list of great organizations you can partner with here.

  2. Get Connected

    Go to this page, put in your zip code (if U.S. based), find the organization nearest you, give them a call/email, tell them your skills and your availability and HELP. Everyone is needed in this fight. Are you an accountant? Offer those services. Do you have design skills? Offer those. Can you cook and clean? Find a shelter to offer those services to. ALL of us can help, and we need to mobilize.

  3. Talk About It

    Can you commit to talking about slavery this year? Just bring it up in conversation or make lifestyle changes that cause people to ask the question “why?” The more people that know, the closer we are to ending it.


Together we can end slavery. Be sure to share with us which thing you'll be doing for 2016!

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Mariah Long

Mariah was previously the Program Manager of End Slavery Now. She graduated from the University of Cincinnati's DAAP program with a degree in Digital Design. 

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