SDS Hope House


HOPE HOUSE offers a home-like atmosphere to women who escaped or have been rescued from a situation of enslavement and are ready to undertake a journey toward personal growth, renewed self-esteem, and healthy self-reliance. Hope House accepts both foreign and domestic adult women, including those seeking asylum as a result of having been trafficked in other countries. Ultimately Hope House residents strive to regain their ability to contribute to society.

HOPE HOUSE, located in northern San Diego County, accommodates five adult women and two in-house staff. Social service counselors guide residents of HOPE HOUSE in their choices toward full self-sufficiency. Other intervention is available as the need arises. Residents may stay up to 24 months if attending educational and vocational programs. Residents with work permits contribute to their room and board and establish savings accounts to prepare for a life of self-reliance.


Loving and healing women rescued from human trafficking.

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  • Aftercare
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  • Sex Trafficking