Sexually Exploited Children and Teens (SECT)


SECT is a group of service providers committed to reducing exploitation of trafficked youth and providing services for juveniles exiting prostitution in the Sacramento area.

In 2009 we had a sixth grader in one of our elementary schools who was being trafficked to the Bay Area. SCUSD, along with UC Davis and Wind Youth Services, pulled together community partners, neighboring districts, law enforcement and governmental agencies from all over the Sacramento area. What we found was all of us in our respective jobs were touching young people who either had been exploited, or were at great risk, and yet our services were not coordinated. What resulted was an amazing grass roots effort to mobilize the community to address issues of commercial exploitation. Among us, we have touched the lives of hundreds of girls. We continue to serve our community and each other and equip individuals and agencies with the tools they need to support young people exiting prostitution.


Mobilizing the community to address issues of commercial sexual exploitation

  • Contact Information:
  • Serna Center, 5735 47th Avenue
  • Sacramento, California 95824
  • United States
  • Active In: United States
  • Forms of Abolition: 
  • Awareness
  • Forms of Slavery: 
  • Sex Trafficking
  • Tel: 916-643-7995