Get Your Products into Large Retail Stores

September 28, 2015 Video 
Sex Trafficking, Empowerment, Forced Labor, Business, Faith

Nicole is the founder of Polished Pearl, a luxury lifestyle brand whose profits go to the needs of vulnerable children. Their products are made in two different countries where they are trying to fight trafficking through employment. This style of business is considered a freedom business: a company whose number one goal is to use its profits to employ more people. They recently started selling their products in Dillard's stores. If you are a freedom business looking to expand into the large retail market, consider the following pointers:

Know the Market

If you want to have your products in a large retail store, you must understand your target market as well as their target market.

Product Requirements

Make sure you are ready to produce a competitive product at the quality and quantity that they need. You also must make sure that you can get your wholesale price low enough for them to buy in large quantities.

Be Aware of Additional Costs

In order to produce for a large retailer, there will be extra costs for your business such as warehousing, displays and logistical needs.

Do Not Over Promise

Admit that you are new to this process and that you'll need some help along the way. But do your best to research and be as prepared as possible. Be sure to have a firm grasp on the terminology that will be used during your conversations with retailers.

Topics: Sex Trafficking, Empowerment, Forced Labor, Business, Faith